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"Cerebra's vision is to be first amongst the leading Remote Infrastructure Monitoring service provider with a clear focus on cost effectiveness, high quality customer satisfaction, and on-time delivery."

Typical projects are Remote Infrastructure Monitoring, Remote IT Support, Remote Customer Support etc. These projects can cater to more than one client/one project at any given time.
The result would be improved service levels, better response-times, minimized downtime & proactive support. Our comprehensive and flexible solutions address all layers of technology and reduce IT operating costs while improving services levels. Server, Storage & Network Management

The enterprise IT infrastructure is growing across all levels, increasingly becoming more complex to manage. Large enterprises are setting up centralised data centers, Global network topologies and distributed storage management strategies. Managing this needs cross-technology expertise and experience, and above all, focus.

Server Management & Monitoring
Cerebra specialists work from offshore delivery center to offer full life-cycle support for IT infrastructure. Our team will monitor key components and the utilisation of system resources, including server availability, utilisation rate, performance and configuration.

Server management services include 24/7 administration of the server, data center using a slew of automated tools, remote problem & incident management, Operating System upgrade & version control, Optimise disk usage, processor usage, security and bug patch notification for the operating system, alert & problem escalation to appropriate party based on agreed upon processes.

24x7 basis to ensure that mission critical data is always available. 24/7 administration SAN using a slew of automated tools. Remote problem & incident management. Enhanced business continuity through data striping, local mirroring, remote data copy and Backup/Restore services, Alert & problem escalation to appropriate party based on agreed boundaries.

Network Management & Monitoring
Administrators will monitor Clientís network infrastructure 24x7, manage Network Devices - Configuration and maintenance of firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches, hubs, etc.

Managing Network Performance
Provide visibility of spare capacity and utilization trends.

Desktop & Devices Management
Effective usage of tools and expertise health and performance of thousands of desktops and devices, Enabling the execution and management of key tasks remotely, in a secure environment, Cerebra frees its client IT staff from these laborious and manpower intensive tasks.

Asset Tracking & Inventory Management
Configure automated hardware & software asset tracking process. Collect data, provide accurate hardware and software inventory information on servers, desktops, laptops and handheld devices across major platforms in their environment, Scheduled & ad-hoc monitoring of enterprise IT network to provide up-to-the-minute information that facilitates planning, budgeting and compliance initiatives.

Operating System Management
Standardization of Operating System builds across servers, desktops and laptops throughout the enterprise, Perform remote hard disk partitioning, formatting and installation of the OS, Help create automated standard builds using a scripted installation or an image for Windows.

Computer Virus and e-mail SPAM monitoring - Remote deployment and configuration of the chosen antivirus solutions) across all platforms. Perform automatic daily patch updating (virus signature files) of all antivirus products used in the enterprise to combat the latest viruses across servers and desktops. Ensure inbound email is clean before it arrives to users desktop.

Security Management
Real-time network monitoring, advanced security analysis, using both proactive and reactive techniques, Cerebra security services help companies protect business data and processing systems from loss and damage due to computer security breaches.

Our IT Security services include Design & implement an IT Security Management Architecture that fits Clientís risk management profile, 24x7 security monitoring of firewalls, intrusion detection systems and integrated security appliances.

Helpdesk Services
Tremendous pressure to reduce cost while improving customer service. SLA Management, Cost Control and Risk management -critical challenges, to deliver proactive and comprehensive support to its end users.

Cerebra leverages best practices to run a highly efficient and cost effective support operation. Here is where Cerebra Enterprise Help Desk Services can help.

HelpDesk Services establish and operate Clientís IT help desk 24x7. Our highly skilled consultants, mature processes and expertise using a wide-range of tools gives the advantage of best in class support experience at reduced costs act as single point of contact for all users of the organisation to direct questions and report problems regarding supported software, hardware & networks.

RIM acts as a liaison between the clients Global IT managers and the RIM team in Bangalore, India in the day-to-day operations.
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