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  • 1992 - Started Integrated Technologies a partnership firm was established 25th July 1992 by technocrats Mr.V.Ranganathan, Mr.Gururaj K Upadhya. Were in to manufacturing Computer Systems and trading in peripherals, components, etc.

    Monolithic Components & Peripherals a partnership firm trading in Electronic Components, etc. was formed.

  • 1992-93 - Cerebra was converted to a Public Limited Company in December 1993.

    CEREBRA started as a registered SSI unit in Bangalore, setup in May 1992 for the manufacturing of Personal Computers and solutions built around PCs.

    Supplies started to Defence, ASCON project and Railways Telemetry project.

  • 1993-94 - Cerebra began its endeavor for Backward Integration – started manufacturing Motherboards, Add-on Cards, etc.

    Established office in Chennai.

    Cerebra became preferred vendors for Bank Of India for their TBM (Total branch Mechanisation).


  • 1994-95 - CEREBRA was the first company to get their range of PCs- 386SX, 386DX, 486 & Pentium etc. manufactured and certified under the stringent test standards as defined by Dept. of Electronics (DOE) in their document – DOE / ST / TQC / 1 / COMPUTER/92. This test ensures that all computers manufactured in this range by CEREBRA meets the stringent safety standards regarding electrical, electro-magnetic radiation similar to the American Standards FCC Class B. The CEREBRA system also withstood all types of hazardous electrical and climatic conditions like voltage surges, transients, electrostatic discharges, temperatures as low as -10 degree Celsius and as high as 55 degrees Celsius, drop test, 3 axis vibration test, etc.

    Cerebra ventured into Training and opened up a Franchisee of Aptech Limited in Koramangala to impart knowledge to the growing software industry.

    Cerebra launched the Country’s first Home Computer which had multimedia, fax, voice, karoke, bundled along with the system. It also developed a GUI to operate all of these facilities with a click of button.

    Established offices in Hyderabad & Coimbatore.

  • 1995-96 - CEREBRA was the first company to achieve the Dept. of Telecom's DOT-QA approval for usage with their equipment in the Telephone Exchanges. The procedures for approval by DOT-QA is akin to that of ISO-9000 wherein the stress is laid upon the System and procedures of manufacturing and the procedures of Quality Control. The reliability of CEREBRA systems is highlighted by the fact that these systems have been installed in Telephone Exchanges all over the country in far flung areas like Jammu, Shimla, Mehsana, etc., and in the heart of dusty plants working almost 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week.

    We were ranked 7th (as per the DQ TOP 20 rating) among the Top 10 micro vendors in India.

    Bagged a major order from the University of Agricultural Sciences for supply of Computers to various districts spread across Karnataka.

  • 1996-97 - Bagged a major order from one of the leading Banks – Bank of India for totally computerization of seven branches in Bangalore (TBM – Total Branch Mechanisation).

    Bagged a major order from one of the leading Banks – Bank of India for totally computerization of seven branches in Bangalore (TBM – Total Branch Mechanisation).

    Bagged orders from ITI for 800 Nos PCs and Printers for supply to various locations.

  • 1997-98 - Bagged a major order for supply of Computer Systems to DOT. The prestigious CTMX project. 46 Trunk locations of a total of 1500 computer systems, printers & other peripherals.

    Initial order from DOT to ITI was for 38 exchanges, which extended up to 46 exchanges spread across the country. First order from ITI to Cerebra received on 8th Sept 1997 for the value of 6,33,95,623.00 + Excise Duty + Sales Tax as Applicable.

    Major Orders from ECIL & HTL.

    Set up office in Mumbai.

    Software Development order from Vysya Bank for development of a KIOSK screen.

  • 1998-99 - Major supplies to Tata Lucent Technologies.

    Bagged a major order worth Rs.3 Crores from a single customer, from the Department of Telecommunications for supply of Computer Systems /Servers/ Printers and Networking accessories.

    Started developing an Excise Software.

    Set up offices in Delhi, Hyderabad & Coimbatore.

    Increased its Channel Partners from 140 to 400

    By this time we had supplied to all major Govt., Defence, banks and big Corporates.

    Order for development of a Patient Management Software.
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